Discuss your needs

We provide software solutions to our customers. Before we can begin selecting the most appropriate solutions, we need to gain a detailed understanding about your business, existing processes, challenges, ambitions and your vision of the ideal solution.
So we listen, ask questions, provide ideas and collaborate to establish an outline strategy and feature set for the most suitable solution.

Project proposal

With the knowledge we have acquired from our discussions, we then prepare and present you with a proposal document. This document sets out how we will work with you, along with information on the feature set for the planned system. It also includes costings and timescales in line with our agreed terms of engagement.


Based on the specification, our team of developers then create the application using a combination of Softvelocity / Microsoft / Adobe tools to create a high quality software product. Such tools include Clarion, Visual Studio, Nettalk, SQL Server and Dreamweaver.
All development takes place by our in-house team. We do not outsource any development work, preferring instead to retain absolute control over communication, development techniques and quality.

Quality Assurance Testing

Extensive testing and quality assurance processes are used to test all code and design aspects throughout the development. We provide regular updates and demonstrations of the software as we progress through the build.


Our systems are developed to be intuitive for the user, so the need for formal training is significantly reduced. We provide clear User Manuals written in Dutch or English.
Full training options are available on request and include onsite training or remote sessions.


The ongoing support provided by µSIC Software to assist in the maintenance of your new system will complete the process. A comprehensive service level agreement is activated on the launch of the system which includes priority bug fixing, assistance with any functionality you’re unfamiliar with and general queries.


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